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UL Lafayette creating flu tracking software

UL Lafayette is making headlines for their contribution towards technology that helps track outbreaks of the flu.

The six-person team led by a professor from UL Lafayette is among nine semifinalists in a nationwide competition to create software for analyzing, managing and treating outbreaks of influenza. The system would track flu vaccinations as they are prescribed in real time, based on information provided by surescripts, an E-prescription network.

According to Dr. Ryan Benton, a UL Lafayette professor who's working on the project, a lot of the current flu tracking systems show a list of what happened in the last week or month but nothing is out there that shows on a map exactly what is happening in that moment. Benton says by tracking what is happening now, people can plan ahead if they see an outbreak happening somewhere they may be traveling to. Benton also says it could help doctors and suppliers of the flu vaccination prepare if they see a city or town near them having an outbreak.

Their project must be submitted by October 7 where three finalists will then be chosen. From there the finalist head to Washington D.C for a one day competition were the winner wins a $25,000 cash prize.

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