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Privacy Analytics Mentions CajunCodeFest

August 26, 2013, Ottawa, ON – Privacy Analytics, the world’s foremost leader of data anonymization solutions, today unveiled its new global brand, which delivers increased functionality to its web presence, communications, and client experience—additional educational materials will be launched as early as September 2013. Simultaneously, Privacy Analytics will release the latest version of its flagship software: PARAT V5.2. The dual launch coincides with the company’s increasing success in the data anonymization market.

The push to expand its communications platform has come at the request of its valued clients. Clients and potential clients can look forward to a multitude of educational and informative communications including user group sessions, monthly webinars, weekly technical articles, social media engagements, and a new quarterly corporate magazine. The source for these upcoming communications will be Privacy Analytics’ highly skilled experts, the international data anonymization community, and clients—all adding insight, knowledge and the results of their hands-on, practical experience.

With the release of PARAT V5.2, users can look forward to increased functionality—based on the HIPAA Privacy Rule Statistical Method for De-identification—including substantial improvements that simplify the de-identification process.

“The new software release is the perfect punctuation to the launch of our new brand,” commented President and CEO, Dr. Khaled El Emam. “The multitude of functionality brought forth in PARAT version 5.2, combined with the delivery of new, ongoing communications, will make for the perfect ecosystem of client education, awareness and usability—we are all very excited and look forward to even more big announcements in the coming months.”

PARAT V5.2 delivers new Risk Measurement Functionality that enables users to auto-populate the de-identification risk threshold settings directly from the Risk Assessment results, and new Format Preserving Encryption technology for pseudonyms and custom masks—this feature introduces an efficient method of masking structured data to ensure the output retains its original format, enabling it to fit into existing fields while maintaining referential integrity.

Additionally, the new and improved Masking GUI upgrade includes new masking features that provide fully customizable masking including the ability to localize to the user’s country, Canada or the United States. As well, the new API features—Connected Variables; Date Shifting Functionality; Disease, Drug, and Procedure Code Shuffling—generate more realistic looking de-identified data. With the new API features, developers now have the freedom to integrate the rich functionalities of PARAT with their own applications and workflows; for example, ETL and large data warehouses.

The State of Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals and Cajun Code Fest 2.0 selected PARAT V5.2 to de-identify and mask their data, enabling them to deliver high utility, extremely granular and realistic looking and behaving data. Cajun Code Fest is the signature event for the Center for Business & Information Technologies (CBIT) at the University of Louisiana.

“Privacy Analytics has been a great partner in providing appropriately de-identified and masked data for these teams because compliance to the HIPAA Privacy Rule is a key parameter for us as we look to make data available and encourage innovation,” said Lucas Tramontozzi, Department of Health and Hospitals CTO. “Not only did Privacy Analytics provide the software for the actual de-identification, but we also appreciated the advice from its team led by Dr. Khaled El Emam, who is regarded as one of a handful of individuals recognized to certify the de-identification of PHI in North America."

Recent publicized re-identification attacks demonstrate that it is critical to fully disseminate comprehensive guidelines and standards for the de-identification of health information, and for organizations to protect their sensitive data, identity and privacy. With PARAT V5.2, data custodians can implement responsible practices that will allow them to manage re-identification risks while still benefitting from data collection, sharing and analytics.

For more information regarding Privacy Analytics, data anonymization and the release of PARAT V5.2 please visit or call +1.613.369.4313 ext. 22 .

About Privacy Analytics

Privacy Analytics Inc. is a world-renowned developer of data anonymization solutions. Its proprietary, integrated de-identification and masking software PARAT enables secondary users of personal information to have granular de-identified data that retains a high level of usefulness. For health information, PARAT operationalizes the HIPAA Privacy Rule De-Identification Standard, enabling users to quickly anonymize large quantities of data while complying with legal standards.

PARAT enables organizations to realize the value of their sensitive data, while still protecting the privacy of individuals when conducting critical research and complex analytics. They can facilitate innovation to improve society and still meet stringent legal, privacy and compliance regulations.

About Cajun Code Fest

The second annual Cajun Code Fest 2.0 is a free 2.5-day coding competition focusing on transforming “data” into health care solutions, specifically focusing on tools to encourage and support patients to "Own Your Own health." This exciting coding marathon will bring together innovative thinkers and problem solvers of all types: developers, designers, entrepreneurs, health care professionals, educators, and students. Participants will organize themselves into teams or be matched up before the competition in teams to build exciting new prototypes and tools for improved health care over a 27-hour period. For more information visit

About the State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

The mission of the Department of Health and Hospitals is to protect and promote health and to ensure access to medical, preventive and rehabilitative services for all citizens of the State of Louisiana. The Department of Health and Hospitals is dedicated to fulfilling its mission through direct provision of quality services, the development and stimulation of services of others, and the utilization of available resources in the most effective manner. To fulfill its mission, the Department of Health and Hospitals intends to provide quality services, protect and promote health, develop and stimulate services by others, and utilize available resources in the most effective manner. For more information visit

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