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CBIT listed as Health Data Consortium Affiliate

The Health Data Consortium is a collaboration among government, non-profit, and private sector organizations working to foster the availability and use of health data to drive innovations that improve health and health care.

The Consortium will enable measurable and meaningful improvements in human health by exploiting the vast potential of health care data and all of its derivative uses.

HDC will aggressively promote:

  • public and private sector engagement;
  • data availability, standards, and infrastructure;
  • investment and entrepreneurial activity; and
  • definition and advocacy of key health care data related priorities with immediate and significant potential to have positive impacts.

The Health Data Consortium is strengthened by regional affiliates working to promote the ideals of open data in health around the country. They host events and build local networks of groups including startups, entrepreneurs, health companies, universities, government agencies, and other innovators to create an ecosystem around using open data to improve health outcomes for individuals and communities.

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